Day 1 :     Experience and Participate in a Traditional Tea Ceremony ​​

(4 HourClass + A Visit to The Bund)

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

Tea is a cultural treasure in China, with a history dating back over 5000 years.
According to legend, tea was first discovered by the legendary Chinese emperor and herbalist, Shennong, in 2737 BCE. These beginnings have evolved into a tradition with dozens (over 50!) of varieties of tea.

Discover the rich history and more through the unique cultural experience of the Chinese Tea Ceremony, an event which elevates the simple consumption of the drink into a whole communal gathering, a way to share the experience with those around you. Learn about the history and significance of this ceremony, and get a primer on hosting one of your very own!

The Bund
Finish the day at the Bund, the most famous area of modern day Shanghai. The Bund refers to the entire waterfront area on the west side of the Huangpu River. The buildings on the main road are gorgeous architectural examples from the colonial powers of Shanghai’s past.