Day 3 :   Learn the Art of Dough Figurines

(4 Hour Class + Trip to Yuyuan Garden)

Dough Figurines
Tianzifang is an artistic enclave developed in the former French Concession (on the Western side of Shanghai). Our focus here will be on the wonderful and enchanting art of Dough Figurine. Thesestarted as a simple folk handicraft, but have since evolved into high art, requiring extraordinary artistry and skill. The craft has a history dating back over 1,340 years. The vivid figurinesaremade by skilled craftsmen from sticky rice dough mixed with pigments, honey and olefin. After cutting, slashing, pinching and twisting the dough, the figure begins to emerge – sometime a lifelike child, or a beautiful girl or any other creation the artist imagines. In cities like Beijing, you can witness craftsmen making dough figurines along the exhibition streets and marvel at their skill and dedication to their craft.

Our Expert Artist and Teacher Qi
She is a lifelong craftsman in this field, with numerous professional level designations and achievement for her work designing, creating, and promoting the Dough Figurine craft.

Yuyuan Garden
We finish the day here, at Yuyuan Garden. Learn about what makes a Chinese garden truly balanced, and explore this meeting of tradition and modernity right in the downtown of the modern metropolis of Shanghai.