Schedule of Events

During this 5 day/ 7 night All-inclusive (no wallet needed) cultural excursion you will participate in the traditional Chinese cultural arts - including Dough Figurine Making, Yixing Teapot Crafting, Tea Ceremonies, Chinese Calligraphy, and Chinese Dumpling making. Dive into the rich history behind these practices, often dating back thousands of years!

You will spend five days touring Shanghai, pampering yourself, attending lectures, eating home-made local cuisine, shopping, site-seeing, and experiencing all the city has to offer. 

  1. Day 1
    Participate in a Traditional Tea Ceremony 4 HourClass + A Visit to The Bund
  2. Day 2
    Create High Value Teapots and Zisha Cups 4 Hourlecture + A Trip to Shanghai Nightlife
  3. Day 3
    Learn the Art of Dough Figurines 4 Hour Class + Trip to Yuyuan Garden
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  1. Day 4
    Experience the Art of Chinese Calligraphy + Learn how to make Dumplings
  2. Day 5
    A Visit to Zhouzhuang Water Town (周庄) + Shopping Downtown
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